FIRST POST 'Earth Hour 2012'

Wahlao!!!suppose today i work at 2pm but my stupid brain ask me wakeup early.
See michelle at the shop,,,her swollen eye o~(michelle take care fr your eye leh)
call my sister ask all order for food
order meal : 
MCD spicy chicken meal (up size)  fr kennedy
oolong milk teh + pearls fr calice sis

( take away fr the couple)

Hope my little sis Lily can get a good result in her SPM 

Recently , my calice sis temper hv something wrong.
I saw her lik vry haggard ,
emily: wht happen to u?
calice: ......

emily: not vry well??
calice: ......
(damn..maybe m
enstrual =.=)

Tonight i will if you will